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Every rug presents its own special challenges and concerns. We have the expertise to be able to answer your rug care questions!


Area rug cleaning is a task that requires a LOT of water and a controlled environment in which to dry your rugs. Often, stains are worked on incrementally over time. None of these things can be done in your home.


We aim to return your rugs in about a week. In the case of pet damaged rugs, oversized rugs, or rugs that are being repaired, we may ask for more time.


There is no charge for pick up and delivery within the greater Las Vegas metro area with a minimum cleaning order of $200.00. Extra charges may apply for heavy furniture moving and very oversized rugs.

Please review a few of the questions that we receive most frequently and then give us a call to disuss your rug care needs.

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Do you move furniture?

Our pick up and delivery employees will happily move light furniture items. We do ask you to move anything fragile or breakable, such as pictures and keepsakes before we arrive. For heaver items such as beds, pool tables, pianos, desks, large electronic equipment, book cases, etc., we ask that you make arrangements to have those items removed prior to our arrival. If you are not able to move these on your own, we do have a relationship with a professional local moving company. Please contact us for a referral.


Yes. Our insurance coverage protects your area rugs from the time we pick them up or you deliver them to us, until they are returned to you – clean and ready to be enjoyed again.

Do you guarantee pet odor and stain removal?

If your rug has no fabric backing and you can see the face pattern on the back of your rug, we will be able to guarantee pet odor removal for your rug when you follow our suggested odor removal protocols. If you have a tufted rug with a canvas like backing material or you cannot see the design of the rug on the back, then we cannot guarantee 100% removal of the pet odor. This type of rug construction inhibits 100% odor removal. We will inspect your rug and discuss with you concerns we have prior to any work being performed.

Pet stain removal cannot be guaranteed. Pet urine will often chemically alter the color of the fibers. In some cases, repeated urine deposits will actually cause structural damage and rot. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have a pet accident! We have a much higher chance of success in reducing damage to the rug fibers if your rug is professionally cleaned early.We do not guarantee pet stain removal.  Depending on the rug materials the urine may have chemically altered the color of the fibers.  Please contact us as soon as possible if you have a pet accident!  We have a much higher chance of success in reducing damage to the rug fibers if professionally cleaned early.

Do you have just one method of cleaning a rug?

Smith’s Fine Rug Cleaning does not use any large, automated equipment or communal wash tubs. Rather, we custom alter our care to fit the individual needs of each rug because we know that no two area rugs are the same.


We sell rug pads that are designed for use on both hard surfaces and carpet. Our rug pads are all custom cut to fit your rug. A quality pad helps extend the life of your rugs, keeps your rugs in place, filters away gritty soils, and provides a small degree of sound absorption. We’re happy to suggest a pad that best fits your needs.

What can I do if I have water or flood damage on my area rug?

Rugs exposed to water damage, whether catastrophic or minor, are deemed unhealthy and should not be handled by anyone but a professional. Please contact us immediately so we can contain, remove, and treat your rugs as quickly as possible to minimize the growth of mold or other unhealthy bacteria. We are happy to work with your insurance company.

Can you wrap my rug for storage?

Smith’s Fine Rug Cleaning offers many rug wrapping solutions for long term storage, short term storage, and shipping. Just ask!

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