Protection & Prevention

Rug Padding

We sell rug pads that are designed for use on both hard surfaces and carpet. Our rug pads are all custom cut to fit your rug. A quality pad helps extend the life of your rugs, keeps your rugs in place, filters away gritty soils, and provides a small degree of sound absorption. We’re happy to suggest a pad that best fits your needs. If your current rug pads are 3-5 years old or more, or if they have become pet urine damaged, it’s time to replace them.


Do I Need Rug Pad?


Moth Treatment

Wool moths are tricky to remove once they have made a home in one of your rugs or other textiles. Smith’s Fine Rug Care is happy to come out and assess the best way for you to remove them. This may include the services of a pest control company. If we find evidence of wool moths, we will contain, remove, and treat your rugs for the pests. After cleaning has been completed, our repair team will inspect your rug for any moth-related damage and will contact you with a repair quote.


Moth and Bug Protection

Fiber ProtectoR

A professionally applied fiber protectors allows a window of approximately 10-15 minutes for a spill to remain suspended and removed, but they do not last a lifetime. Fiber protectors need to be re-applied whenever your rugs are cleaned. If your rugs have heavy foot traffic, the protector may break down more quickly than anticipated. We are happy to provide you a quote for this service!


What is Protector?

Rug Wrapping

Rugs being stored for any length of time should be professionally wrapped to avoid potential pest damage. Rugs being shipped need to be wrapped to protect them from scuff marks and grime. We can help with this!

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