Do I Need A Rug Pad?


Rug Padding – Why Do I Need It?

Here are five big reasons why we should definitely use a rug pad under our area rugs:

1. Rug pads help to filter away gritty soil.

Dirt, sand, and other dry particulate matter is picked up by our shoes and is tracked into our homes onto our area rugs. Over time, the sharp edges of this kind of soil creates abrasions in the fibers of our rugs causing premature worn areas in the highest traffic lanes, and may even damage or scratch our flooring.
Having a good quality rug pad underneath our rugs gives the soil a place to go, keeping it trapped between the back of our rug and the floor below.

2. Certain rug pads are designed to create a pet urine barrier.

Pet accidents seep through our area rugs and trap pet urine at the floor. This causes permanent discolorations over time, and lingering foul odors are all but certain.
There are rug pads on the market today that feature a leak-proof barrier, helping keep the puddles from becoming a bigger problem than they need to be. It’s far less expensive to replace a pet stained rug pad than urine damaged hardwood floor!

3. Rubberized rug pads help keep rugs from shifting suddenly.

Smaller area rugs and flatweave area rugs tend to move and slide when we walk over them. They can bunch up or suddenly shift out from under our feet. Pets or kids at play often slide and fall, elders who shuffle their feet are at risk.
Rubberized rug pads grip both the rug and the floor beneath, making our smaller, light-weight area rugs safer to keep on display around our homes.

4. Rug padding adds a bit of insulation and helps provide some sound absorption.

Hard surface flooring can be cold and noisy to live on. Placing area rugs around our homes helps to warm them up and make them quieter to walk on, but we could be doing more. By using a dense rug pad with a rubberized backing under our area rugs, we create an additional layer of sound buffering and add an extra layer of warmth.
We may not save a ton of money on our heating bills, but our toes will certainly stay warmer with a rug pad under our area rugs than without one!

5. Protect your area rug investment with a great rug pad.

Our Oriental rugs and designer area rugs are an extension of our personality. Functional art for our homes. When we invest in good pieces, we should take extra good care of them. Rugs like these are not throw-away items. We need to clean them regularly, rotate them often, attend to spills quickly, and protect them from wear.
For all the reasons listed above, we will improve the overall life expectancy of our Oriental rugs and specialty textiles when we place a good quality rug pad under them, helping them last for generations.

Smith’s Fine Rug Cleaning has a number of different kinds of rug pads from which to choose. Let us help you decide which one is right for your rug! Call today for a free consultation. We’re here to help!

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